Toonami for Launched on August 18, 2012. in 12:00 am – 6 am PT/ET

Monthly Schedule: Saturday, March 9th 2013Edit

This schedule began on February 17, 2013 after finishing Samurai 7, replacing it with Soul Eater.

12:00AM – Bleach

12:30AM – Naruto (Uncut)

1:00AM – Soul Eater

1:30AM – ThunderCats

2:00AM – Sym-Bionic Titan

2:30AM – Eureka Seven

3:00AM – Tenchi Muyo! GXP

3:30AM – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

4:00AM – Cowboy Bebop

4:30AM – Cowboy Bebop

5:00AM – Inuyasha

5:30AM – Inuyasha

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