SARA is TOM's sexy companion and the deuteragonist of the Spatial Absolution series. She controls the Absolution and caters to TOM's demands.but sometimes he's in a nightclub while he has sex men robotically




SARA is an AI matrix with all of a woman's body, and is white, and she can sometimes make herself appear on the Absolution's data screens. She has spiky white hair in a ponytail and wears a black headband. She attaches a mouthpiece to the headband a few times. Her clothing consists of a white, one piece spacesuit patterned with black tiles and ankle length white boots.


SARA was developed by William Gill Shikishima as the female in a set of two artificial intelligences. The male was a blue skinned matrix named BOB. The Absolution was programmed with SARA, and she served as navigator, pilot, and captain. SARA is self aware as she was made with an emotion chip. In "Endgame", SARA states she was once a holographic head on a screen before updating to her full body. In that same episode, she says her data can be backed up whenever she dies so she can be restored with no changes whatsoever.


  • SARA's seiyuu is Ayumi Kida. She has two English voice actors; the first being Dana Swanson (SARA's current voice actress on the Toonami block), the second being Sally Timms (the voice actress for SARA 1 and 2).
  • SARA possesses computer hacking skills.
  • SARA carries a pink Nintendo 3DS around in earlier episodes. It is unknown why she stopped using it.
  • She apparently has a crush on Swayzak.