Samurai Jack was about a Samurai warrior who challenged the shapeshifting demon known as Aku, who terrorized the land. Jack won the fight but was flung into the distant future by Aku, who by that point in time had taken control of Jack's world. The series follows Jack as he tries to find a way back to the past and undo Aku's evil, while being opposed by Aku's dark forces a every turn. Stories instead rely on the series' highly detailed, outline-free, masking-based animation, as well as its cinematic style and pacing. Many battle scenes in the series are reminiscent of samurai films, and since Jack's robot enemies bleed out oil or electricity and his monster and alien foes bleed out slime or goo, the action of these films can be exhibited while avoiding censorship for blood and violence, because that kind of stuff is not appropriate for kid's TV.