Swayzak was a virus that infected the Absolution in Trapped in Hyperspace. He is arrogant and easily angered at things. TOM had to repair the Absolution by plugging into the systems, but Swayzak eventually stopped him by infecting him too. SARA teamed up with a Clyde to enter TOM's mind and disinfect him. After TOM was returned to normal, Swayzak was defeated.


Swayzak is a fiery being wearing an angular helmet that looks like an M. He has glowing yellow eyes and a yellow vented mouth. He wears a latex suit cut short with a diamond in the middle. He wears knee length boots with matching gloves. He is tall and slender with a thin waist and round hips.


Youko's description: "This holier-than-thou attituded computer virus is resistant, bad-mannered, scornful, and has no qualms on grabbing prey in areas they don't want to be touched in." 


  • Swayzak's seiyuu is Norio Wakamoto. His English voice actors are Daisy O'Hara (season 1), C. Martin Croker (seasons 2-5), Gary Dehan (season 5), and Jemaine Clement (season 6-present).
  • Swayzak infected the Absolution simply for fun.
  • He is sometimes depicted wearing a yellow cape.
  • After Youko Miyamoto discovered that Swayzak had a New Zealand accent in the game, she got Jemaine Clement to voice the character. Swayzak also has a slight lisp starting with this season.

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