TOM 2 was the second Toonami Operation Module, and was introduced in the fifth part of the first Toonami Total Immersion Event, The Intruder. He is bisexual, enjoying things like Barbie and Spice Girls, and has been diagnosed as partially manic.


TOM 1 was the first of the TOMs, but in the fourth part of The Intruder, The Intruder killed TOM by eating him up. Later, in the beginning of part five, SARA, TOM's AI matrix companion, created a new TOM with a new voice, a dark and sleeker body, and the nuclear reactor this time was on the chest (TOM 1 had it on his gut). TOM 2 was born. When TOM got to the bridge, SARA told him that The Intruder took over the starboard engine. SARA, then, told TOM to cut it from the ship before it eats it all completly. To do that, she told him to put charges (bombs) onto the starboard wing, one on the outside, one on the inside. TOM 2, then, went to the outside and setted one down, and set the time to seven minutes. Then, went inside to the engine (Level AA23). The whole room was covered with The Intruder's body. TOM snuck away before it exploded. The explosion sent the starboard engine out into space, with The Intruder. Some pieces flew away with it too.

Later, with the Absolution floating in space, SARA told TOM that the nearest space station (Starpower) is three light years from where they were. Later, TOM called Starpower, telling them they lost an engine. TOM then told the person in-charge of Starpower's Power Service that they need a replacement engine. TOM told him that he wants the same one, but the person told him that it will take two years, and he then shown TOM what else they got:

  • Harper GT88
  • Talon ST
  • Verneer Mach 4.

After the sixth part was over, Toonami told the viewers to chose which engine they could use, and they told them that five can win a trip to Japan, the birthplace of anime, where they will see how their favorite shows or videogames are made.

Later, the Absolution finally reached Starpower. TOM, then, called back the person and the Talon ST was the choice, including the Harper GT88. TOM said he only wants the ST, and the person told him that it will take a while, and TOM was OK with that. On the final part, part eight, the engine was ready. The Absolution was ready to fly again. As the Absolution flew away, The Intruder was floating into space, however, that was the last time it was seen. It was a new beginning for Toonami.

In Trapped in Hyperspace, TOM developed a crush on Swayzak, but refused to show it for the sake of Toonami, and even made fun of him during the fourth episode. After the events of the TIE, TOM tried to get over it, but to no avail. Eventually they ran into each other again and TOM confessed his crush on him, thus being the only Cartoon Network character who was actually gay (though he'd later be confirmed as bi).


In a 2003 online comic, End Game, a space pirate named Orcelot Rex captured SARA and blew up the Absolution. TOM used a space motorcycle and flew to Rex's base. Rex wanted SARA's help to conquer Earth. TOM, then, jumped into action, but lost and got raped, and the only thing left of him was his head. Later, his body was repaired and became TOM 3. Unlike TOM 2, TOM 3 is heterosexual.